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How to use sheer curtains to dress your windows like ‘The Block’

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How to use sheer curtains to dress your windows like ‘The Block’

If you’ve been watching The Block this season you would have noticed that most of the contestants are using delicate sheer curtains in their rooms. Having a room with multiple windows is an asset to any space as they allow natural light to stream in, however multiple windows also makes privacy a challenge. That’s where the use of sheer curtains can help.

Sheers are made from a transparent material, some more transparent than others. Choosing the right transparency and fabric type will depend on your individual style and how much privacy you require.

For a really transparent, chic look that allows maximum light to stream in, look towards a Polyester / cotton fabric, this will give you a similar result to Jess and Norm’s main bedroom from The Block – Season 14.

Jess and Norm have opted for a pinch pleat header giving the curtains tight, even, pencil width pleats. This style of curtain header attaches to a curtain rod or track via hidden drapery hooks. In the case of Jess and Norm they have opted for a hidden track system behind a pelmet / recess.

Pinch pleat headers are a popular choice when using sheer curtains. This style of curtain header is also very practical as it can be used on both a curtain rod or track system – depending on your budget and the look you are after.