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Choosing the right header for your curtains

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Choosing the right header for your curtains

One of the most common queries we receive is how to choose the correct heading for your curtains. Headings are something that can easily be overlooked but since it have such a big impact on how your finished product will look, it’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten.

The Pinch Pleat 

If you’re looking for a more tailored finish, then the Pinch Pleat heading is for you. It comes with pinch hooks at the back, which can be adjusted for hanging to rod rings or track rings. The main advantage of this heading type is that the ‘fullness’ has already been taken into consideration.

What is fullness? Well, all of our ready-made curtains have a 2 or 2.2 fullness, which, simply put, means that the fabric used is 2 or 2.2 times the size of the heading.

So, the Pinch Pleat is easier for you when it comes to fullness as you only need to measure the heading to ensure it’s long enough to cover your hardware. Easy. 

The Tab Top

Great for an outdoor space, The Tab Top heading features exposed loops at the top of the curtain, meaning it can be hung on a rod or hooks only.

Something to note: With the Tab Top heading, length adjustments are not possible and fullness needs to be considered. 

The Rod Pocket

The Rod Pocket is a heading that allows you to drape your curtain with your rod using the hidden loops that hang at the back of all Leuvia ready-made curtains.

Something to note: The Rod Pocket heading doesn’t require curtain rings, however, it can only be hung on a rod and not on a track.

For your fullness with a Rod Pocket, we would recommend allowing at least 1.5x the width of your hardware, ideally x2 or x3, allowing you to achieve a fabric wave. We also recommend a heading no more than 260cm as a wider heading will be difficult to open.  

The Tie Top

With two belts which length can be adjusted by 5cm, the Tie Top heading creates a relaxed look for your space. 

Something to note: The Tab Top heading can be hung on rod or hooks only and fullness needs to be considered.