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How to choose the perfect sized curtain for your space.

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How to choose the perfect sized curtain for your space.

So often we have clients who just don’t know where to start when it comes to measuring up for curtains. Some have tracks, some don’t have any hardware, others are still doubling the material width they think they need to create fullness in their curtain. That’s why Leuvia have taken theguess work out of measuring up and finding the perfect fit. Our curtains are ready-made. The fullness, extra fabric and heading details have all been taken care of – all you need to do is find the right hardware, measure your window and then select the perfect curtain panel size to fit!

Before you do anything you need to know what hardware you’re using. Have you got an existing rod or track in place? Or do you need to start right back at the beginning and measure up for your hardware?


Measuring up for Hardware (Track / Rod)


Step 1.  Deciding the width of your hardware

Start by measuring the width of the window/door frame, then add 30-40cm (12-16”) each side of the window - if space allows. This measurement will be the width for your rod or track. Adding this extra space either side of the window will ensure your curtains comfortably cover your window, and will also allow for the material to gather on each side when the curtains are fully open. Mount the brackets to your rod/ track as per the above measurement and then add your finials onto each end.

Step 2. Drop length 

Where you mount your hardware in terms of height from the top of your window or door depends on how much space you have above your window and the height of your ceilings. Mounting hardware closer to the ceiling will create the illusion of larger windows and higher ceilings. There is no set rule as to how far above your window / door frame you should mount your hardware, but we often suggest closer to the ceiling is best. (unless of course you have sky scraper ceilings!!)


Ok so now we’ve got the hardware in place – let’s start measuring up for your curtains!

Step 1.  Measure the width of the hardware (not including finials – which are the fancy knobs at the end of the rod)

Once you have this measurement, you can then work out how many curtain panels you require. The width of the combined curtain panels you choose must be NO LESS than the width of your hardware.  


Important to consider: 
Do you want two curtain panels to meet in the middle of your window or door and draw back to either side, or one panel to cover the entire window? 
 If you want two panels to meet in the middle, you need to divide the width of the hardware in half and then select two curtain panels to match these sizes. Remember it’s ok to have a bit more fabric – so if you need an extra panel of fabric to cover the width of the hardware that’s fine. You just need to make sure that your combined width of panels is NO less than the width of the hardware.

Step 2.  The drop length you want for your curtains can vary depending on the look you are after:


For curtains with Triple Pinch Pleat heading, please measure the drop length from the bottom of the hanging ring (on the curtain rod) to the floor.

For curtains with Rod Pocket/Tie Top heading, please measure from the top of the hardware to the floor.


Based on the measurements you have taken in Step 1 and 2 above, you are now ready to select the ready-made curtains that fit closest to this size. Always go slightly bigger rather than smaller. (you can always alter the them)
Step 3. Length alteration service for various finishes.
Curtain widths and lengths are not cut and dry, and a lot depends on the look or style you like. That’s why we offer an alteration service on our ready-made curtains' length. You can achieve different looks by simply adjusting the length of your curtain. According to the look you’d like to achieve as shown below, you can add the recommended amount of length to the curtain panel drop length you measured in Step 2, and then you have your final, final required size!

Keep in mind - Once you alter the curtains, we can't take them back!
The alteration will be conducted based on the measurements you provide.  It is your responsibility to ensure the correct measurements of your window or hardware. Please check the product details and measurements of the goods before placing an order. We cannot accept returns or refund if we are provided incorrect measurement, as the products are made to measure which can't be sold toother customers

So, go grab your measuring tape, and start measuring up for a set of the perfect sheer curtains!