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About Us

Coming home should feel like opening the door to a place of grace, ease and beauty, a sanctuary

that reflects the essence of your true self, where the pressures of the world can’t touch you. When

you’re happy with your home, it becomes a haven of contentment, somewhere you can unwind and

just be you. 

You know when you meet someone who’s completely comfortable in their own skin? Happy with
who they are, and a pleasure to be around because of it? Leuvia’s carefully curated selection of
textiles creates that same effortless style at home. The perfect drape of a curtain that hits the floor
just right; natural linen, real silk, bamboo, sumptuous velvet and quality cotton that breathes and
floats in the breeze; colour and pattern mixed and matched with a designer’s eye for a styled look

without the designer price tag.

Leuvia began as a wish for every person to be able to express themselves through their interior
decor, whether they‘re needing a change, too time-poor to shop around for homewares they love,
or still searching for their own sense of style. Tune in and notice what you’re drawn to – Leuvia’s
designers have created collections that make it easy for you to pair cushions, curtains, bed linen
and tableware together for a harmonious home that flows seamlessly from one space to another. 
Someone walking into your home for the first time feels it too – they’re instantly at ease, soothed
by their surrounds, eyes resting with delight on a splash of colour, a hand-embroidered highlight,

              a symphony of hues that together somehow sing. Bespoke. Beautiful. Affordable. 

    This is the Leuvia difference.